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I contacted Jeff for a bankruptcy, and his experience and professionalism were unmistakable. He is also very easy to talk to and treated me like a friend. Jeff returns calls as soon as he gets messages or as soon as humanly possible. I felt free to call with any questions, and Jeff always took as much time as needed and always gave me thorough answers that I really appreciated. I was extremely pleased from beginning to end, and would recommend Jeff to anyone who needs legal advice or representation.

– Robert B., Marlton, NJ

I’ve used Mr. Walters twice so far for real estate transactions (purchases of two homes). He was very straightforward, and honest. I greatly trust him, and will continue to use him for all of my future legal matters.

– Sarah L., Medford, NJ

Jeff went above and beyond in helping me with my bankruptcy. Thanks to his hard work, knowledge, and experience, I was able to obtain a fresh start quickly. As someone who had always had very good credit, the idea of filing bankruptcy was scary. I did extensive research and met with several attorneys before I decided to hire Jeff. Other attorneys told me I had to file a Chapter 13, but Jeff knew better and I was able to file a Chapter 7. Jeff’s knowledge and skill saved me a lot of money and time. I’m pleased to say that I couldn’t be happier with my decision to use Jeff.

– Anthony M., Cherry Hill, NJ

Jeffrey Walters is an excellent attorney who takes the time to listen to your needs, analyzes for the best legal option for your situation, and shows enormous respect for any budgetary concerns.

– Steve M., Williamstown, NJ

Jeff walked me through the bankruptcy process and always kept me informed about everything. He was always available by phone and email and always got back to me quickly when I had questions (I had a lot!). Even after the case was finished, whenever I had questions about anything he always got back to me just as quickly as he did while my case was going on. His knowledge and experience were really comforting to me. I highly recommend Jeff as a bankruptcy attorney.

– William P., Cherry Hill, NJ

Jeff was always a pleasure to deal with. He provides personalized service. He is easy to reach on the phone. He has a strong client service attitude and always kept me informed about everything and presented my decisions in a clear and understandable manner. I should also mention that he uses technology very effectively. Jeff explored a number of options to deal with my situation and then recommended one that worked out perfectly. My wife and I would use him again without any hesitation. There was a peace-of-mind that came from knowing he was “on our case.”

– Tom B., Voorhees, NJ

Jeff is a top-notch attorney that I would recommend in a heart beat. He is smart, compassionate, and hard-working. Jeff helped unravel a very twisted legal problem that I was having that had gone on way too long. He developed a great approach that solved everything for me. I only have great things to say about Jeff.

– Maureen H., Mount Laurel, NJ

I retained Mr. Walters for a real estate case. I picked him after searching online for lawyers in the Mt. Laurel and Marlton area. After making a few calls, what really made me want to retain him (besides his years of experience in the field) was that he personally got on the phone with me when I called his office. I was not passed on to an assistant or a paralegal, and he gave me his time to speak with me about my situation right away. His expertise proved very useful in my case and he was able to resolve the case without any problems. I will not hesitate to retain him again for any real estate deal.

- Deborah L., Mt. Laurel, NJ


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