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Eliminate Debts With Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy laws exist to protect you.  It is important for you to know about your options.  At the Law Offices of Jeffrey S. Walters LLC, we handle Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy matters.  To put it simply, bankruptcy law gives you the ability to discharge (“wipe out”) all or most of your debts and obtain a “fresh start.”  If you own a house and are behind on your mortgage or facing foreclosure or sheriff’s sale, a bankruptcy allows you to keep your house and get your mortgage payments back on track over time.

You may have heard of terms like “Chapter 7” or “Chapter 13.”  You do not need to worry about the details.  We will help you determine which filing is best for you.  In either case, we will help you:

  • Stop foreclosure

  • Stop sheriff’s sale of your house or other property

  • Reinstate your mortgage even if it is in default

  • Stop creditor harassment (such as phone calls and letters)

  • Stop lawsuits (even if they have already been filed)

  • Stop bank levies and wage executions

  • Stop utility shutoff

  • Wipe out debts such as credit card debts, store card bills, medical bills and utility bills

  • Wipe out debt for any deficiency on repossessed car

  • Wipe out money owed on court judgments

  • Get your driver’s license back if suspended due to nonpayment of governmental charges

  • Get a “fresh start”

  • Gain control of your life again

Free Consultation to Discuss Your Options

Call us for a free consultation.  Attorney Jeffrey S. Walters is a bankruptcy attorney who has over 25 years of experience helping people like you in the communities of Camden County and Burlington County.  From your very first phone call to our law firm, you will feel at ease.  Attorney Jeff Walters will speak with you personally.  We will discuss your situation on the phone, and make an appointment for a free consultation.  At our consultation, we will discuss various solutions for you.  Maybe you do not need to file for bankruptcy, and we can help you in another way.  If a bankruptcy filing is the best choice for you, we will guide you from start to finish.  We guarantee that after leaving our office after our first meeting, you will feel totally at ease knowing that you have found the help you need from an experienced attorney who you feel confident and comfortable with.

We Have Computerized Access to the Court For Emergency Bankruptcy Filing

The Law Offices of Jeffrey S. Walters LLC participates in the Bankruptcy Court’s Electronic Case Filing System (ECF).  This means that we have computerized access to the Court’s system and can instantly file your case electronically.  This will immediately trigger an “automatic stay” which will force your creditors to stop any action they are taking against you.  Our access to the Court’s Electronic Case Filing System means that we obtain your case number and proof of filing immediately.  It also means that we receive all notifications regarding your case electronically by email.  This enables us to react to them immediately, and allows us to email our clients any information regarding their case instantly and in “real time.”  Finally, our participation in the Court’s Electronic Case Filing System means that we are prepared to assist our clients with emergency filings, which may be necessary in order to stop a sheriff’s sale or a repossession which is about to occur.

Call a Bankruptcy Attorney Who Specializes in Bankruptcy

Jeffrey S. Walters, Esq. is a bankruptcy attorney who specializes in helping people like you obtain bankruptcy relief and get a fresh start.  Call the Mount Laurel office of bankruptcy attorney Jeffrey S. Walters today at 856.552.1045 for a free consultation.  Let’s discuss any questions you may have and start getting you the help you need.

Get Started With a Free Bankruptcy Consultation

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Learn More About Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Learn More About Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

We are a debt relief agency.  We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.


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